S.A. Stirling

Photo portrait of Shirley A Stirling
Shirley A Stirling

I love any sort of art and want to do everything! Unfortunately, life is too short I now am working with traditional oils in a 'green' sort of way with walnut oil and no turps.  I balance that with water media: line & wash watercolors (often with a sharpened match stuck in a length of bamboo as my crude ink pen).


I am a (retired) social worker by profession and have traveled extensively worldwide, including two years in the Peace Corps, Solomon Islands. I live in the Olympia area with my husband and my grown daughter traipses through regularly to attend the theatre or go on other outings with us.  I enjoy drawing and painting. I prefer vintage technique and materials, from charcoal to watercolor and oils to lithographic crayon. I have delved into pre WWII sources including the 1940's Student's Art League of New York (Kimon Nicolaides) and also Victorian books of method. I love a fresh brush stroke and an organic line.


It is said that both good fiction and good art are lies that tell the truth.  I think of that often and the world seems brighter after I create something that speaks my personal truth.